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Closeness with the Creator


“And Hashem brought us out”

This verse introduces a crucial switch in the process of the escape from Egypt.  Until this point the Hagadah has described the desperation and the suffering of the Jews as they remained tormented by their Egyptian masters.  Now the tide changes, the rescue begins and the fate of the downtrodden is reversed in a dramatic twist, the victor becomes the vanquished and the slave becomes the master. 

What is strange, though, is the emphasis the Baal Hagada places on the role that the Creator plays in this turn of events.  He goes out of his way to show that Hashem Himself, not through any agent or emissary, performed this supernatural salvation.  Why is this point so crucial?

The reason is because the Baal Hagada wants to make it absolutely clear  that the connection between the Jews and their G-d is an intimate one.   This connection transcends the notion of a barrier, be it spiritual or physical, between Israel and Hashem.  As a people we are bound to the Divine as a son to his father.  This relationship is not an abstract idea but rather a tangible involvement in the  nitty gritty details of our lives.  The role of the Jew is so inextricably linked to the Divine plan that even the technical logistics of the redemption could never be done by a second party.

This intimacy is the hallmark of our lives, forms the mindframe of our prayers and defines how we relate to Hakadosh Boruch Hu’s interest  in our daily struggles and triumphs.

The Holy One, blessed be He, the Torah and Israel are one.

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