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Inner Construction


The never ending cycle of night and day, darkness and light is embedded in our experience of the world as we know it. We realize that every day will come to an end and after every night the will dawn. This natural rhythm of light and dark is more than just a side effect of the earths’ rotation, its the natural of way of all earthly existence. Life is a cycle of darkness and light, of times of clarity and understanding and times of darkness and doubt. We are on an endless journey that takes us up to the summits of life’s heights and then we descend into the darkness of pain and confusion, understanding obscured and direction lost. During the “day” of life, no questions are asked, no deep internal struggles are experienced we bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of the light. The darkness brings a different kind of sensibility into our reach. One where our inner life becomes exposed. In that darkness the subtle light that remains is like that of a candle. It has not the radiance of the sun but its small flame illuminates the recesses of our beings bringing awareness and depth to life as individuals.

Locked in our homes, isolating ourselves from exposure to the covid 19 virus leaves us the time and the internal space to discover the hidden parts of ourselves. The distractions of the outside world have been hushed and now the time for inner construction has arrived.

Take some time and write yourself a letter in it you can tell yourself all your latest findings about who you are and the life you used to live. Write it in the third person, as if someone else was describing your life to you.

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