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About R' Segal

Rabbi Peretz (Perry) Segal was born in Johannesburg,  South Africa and educated at King David School, Victory Park.​

He joined the Center Program staff a division of Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem in 1998. Today he serves as a senior lecturer and Mashgiach on the program.

He is author  of  Vagueness Vanquished, founder and Mashgiach of Kollel Eitz Pri and Academy of Life Training (ALT) and a lecturer at Ner Le’elef, Ohr LaGolah and Jerusalem Kollel.

R’ Segal lives with his wife and family in Ramot, a neighbourhood of Jerusalem.

Our Aim

The aim of this website is to encourage us to rethink our paradigms and explore ourselves using the Torah as our guide.  Habit is the closest thing to death and life is measured by the quality and quantity of change present in every moment. The more newness we can squeeze out of every second, the more we will experience the vitality of life and joy of change. This journey could be called “mind moving”.

A brief word of introduction into the nature of the shiurim on this web site.  Many of the shiurim were specifically tailored to the audience to which they were given and thus there is sometimes interaction and dynamics which were particular to that shiur at that time.  For the uninvolved listener it may feel as if you are eavesdropping on a private shiur and many of the comments and references may be cryptic.  I apologise in advance and I have made an effort in the more recent shiurim to adjust the style to cater for a larger audience.  However I have still posted those shiurim as I feel for many people the “real feel” of a live shiur is more engaging.

None of the material in these shiurim is aimed at issuing halachic psak and all of your questions in regard to practical halocha should be referred to a competent halachic authority.

Many of the points made in the various shiurim are there to stimulate thought and probe our understanding. As a result conflicting views on a given subjects are presented.  This is a deliberate technique to prompt the listener to think and evaluate for himself.

Please feel free to be in touch with me directly in relation to anything said or quoted in any of the shiurim, I would love to hear feedback and kushyas!

May we all be given the siyata dishmaya to merit the gift of daas.

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