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Shavuos – Article


Tumbling out of bed he finds his balance by steadying himself on a chair.  It’s Tuesday right? Yes, or at least I think so…  In a semi – conscious state he gets dressed simultaneously checking messages on his phone. While he buttons his shirt he replies to an email, sees who the missed calls were from and sets an alarm to remind himself to eat, or was it to breathe? Or was it to live?

Today more than ever, without a focus on mission, the acts of life threaten to drown us in the tide of technology.  We will be spat up on the shore of living, rarely having being a witness to that which lies beneath the surface of the mundane.

Stop for a moment, listen to the silence and ask the most penetrating of questions, why? Why this body?  This land?  These friends?  These talents?  This job? And ultimately all those “whys” will end up in a search for the purpose of life itself.

For a Jew, this is called preparing for Shavuos.  Shavuos is the day that we become charged with a mission – national and individual. National, to reveal the way of Hashem to the world; and individual, to reflect that light through the prism of our beings.  The build up to that day requires us to hold up our lives to the light of the Torah and see if we are reflecting it; or are we caught up in the net of living never giving the “why” a thought.

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