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Outlook on the Coronavirus


Never have we experienced our world grinding to a halt. Wars have taken their toll, natural disasters have shaken the global community but an universal cessation of sports, schools, businesses, cinemas, restaurants and celebrations is unprecedented. Life as we know it has stopped happening and we have retreated to our homes, together only in our isolation.

So what is left as we sit with ourselves in the quietness of our lives put on pause? What remains when the relentless noise of our modern madness is suddenly turned off and all that remains is silence of self? Is it fear of the unknown? Anxiety and uncertainty feeding off the unpredictable future? Or is it a sense of release,a feeling of liberation from our attempt at trying to control the world?

I am not exactly sure how I feel. I have glimpses of something of cosmic proportions on the move but then I feel there is a fuzziness that blunts the brutality of it’s power and leaves me half inspired and half stumbling around in the fog of my own fallacies.

So all I do is try to let go of the reins that I thought were keeping the beast of my busy-ness at bay. I flop back into the soft cushion of my consciousness and release the burden of my being into the hands of He that breathes the breath of life into my otherwise lifeless body.

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