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Pesach MeditationMind Movers
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Malbim on the Hagadah 1Mind Movers
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Malbim on the HagadahMind Movers
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Pesach Part 1Mind Movers
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Pesach Part 2Mind Movers
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Preparing for PesachMind Movers
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The Pesach Seder

The Pesach seder must be one of the most brilliant educational inventions of all times...


Closeness with the Creator

“And Hashem brought us out”


Shackled in the Chains of Freedom

One of the primary forces at play in recent history, beginning with the French Revolution and...


The Eternal Seder Night

I can still remember when I was about three years old and I was terrified to slide down the “Sputnik”...


Transforming Darkness into Light

One of the most puzzling points of the structure of the Hagadah is the Halachic obligation to...

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